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Gather all your memebers into Groups where you can easily communicate updates and make announcements.


From standalone exclusive events or events within groups that existing members can easily find and join.

Easy Registration

Registration just verify your number and choose a username. Wity respects your right to privacy.

Discover Wity

Getting started with Wity is easy and doesn't require any installation. Just verify your number and choose a user name, it's that easy!

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Organisers can do more with Wity


Communicate with ease

Easily broatcast updates to your Group or Event Members

Your Wity Group becomes the official message board for members, where they can access up-to-date info about whats happening, when it happens!

Your updates are sent straight to your followers, either through Push notifications or Whatsapp updates depending on their device and settings.

Get to know your followers

Wity Polls help you better understand what your Followers care about

Polls let you ask questions and get real feedback from your followers, it's a great and easy way to determine the best day for an event, or if people would prefer beer over wine!

Like Posts, your Group or Event Followers will get a notification of the running Poll, Followers can respond by selecting from the options you set.


Show your super fans some love!

Everyone loves to feel special, your followers too!

Up the feeling of exclusivity around your brand by making your Wity Groups and Events invisible! Only Members that find your Group or Event's unique Access URL or QR Code will be able to follow and attend.

Need more privacy? Make your Groups and Events private, ensuring no information is shown to other members even if they have the unique access URL or QR Code. New Members can make a request, that you may accept or reject at your discretion.

Grow your team

Invite other Members to help you grow and manage your Followers.

Promote specific Followers to a Manager or Admin rank depending on the privilages you want them to have.

Wity Managers can create child Groups or Events, create new Posts and Polls, but they cannot promote other users to Manager status. Managers can still accept Follow requests in Private Groups and Events, and also ban members.

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Check out the Official Wity Group

Get in touch with us and tell us what you think! We'd love to hear your feedback!

Launch Wity

Getting started with wity in 3 easy steps!

  • 1
    Go to Wity.me

    You will be asked to select your country code and enter your mobile number

  • 2
    Select your username

    What would you like others to see when you make a post or a comment or create a group or event?

  • 3
    Enter the 6 Digit PIN Number

    We would have sent you a 6 digit pin number on Whatsapp. Enter that into Wity to verify your number and complete the registration process!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Wity is completely free for everyone to use, and we are committed to supporting startup and amateur Group and Event Organisers.

Is there a limit to the group or event size?

There are no limits to the number of members you can have in a Group or Event.

If I change my mind after registering, can I delete my account?

As much as it will pain us to see you go, we totally understand that Wity is not for everyone, so we made the Account Termination porcess as easy as possible.

Will you release native apps in the future for iPhones and Androids?

Yes! We are hoping to have apps on both devices by the end of July!

No Download required!

Available across all major mobile and desktop platforms.